Meal Prep and Grocery Shopping Mastery for Busy People

Guys, I am SUPER excited to introduce you this week to someone who shares my passions for health and organization....

Meet Lauren-Claire Poitevent, the creator and chef behind seed., a meal prep service for people who want healthy meals but don’t have time to prepare them.  Check her out on Instagram to see the perfection she creates:

Stop sinking your nutrition goals with the old “I don’t have anything in the fridge” excuse once and for all. Read more about Lauren-Claire’s mission, and her tips for being organized and efficient in the grocery store. 

Synced Spaces: How did you get started with seed.?

Lauren-Claire: After a lifetime of chronic stomach pain, a diagnosed autoimmune disease, and many food allergies, I’ve learned to cook in new ways. I have seen the healing powers of food first hand. I’ve also worked with moms and entrepreneurs with the desire to eat healthy, but they don’t have time to make it happen. As I started cooking for these families, it seemed like I was meeting more and more people that shared that same need.

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Did you always want to be a chef?

I grew up in a family filled with wonderful chefs and creators. My father put a chopping knife in my hand at age four and there was no turning back. I was the four-year-old that requested jalapeño-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dove with wine sautéed mushrooms for my birthday dinner. Really.

What services do you provide?

I offer a weekly lunch service, with fully prepared (yay!) meals that are nutritionally balanced (yay! yay!) to power you through your day. People can order from a weekly menu, then have the meals delivered or pick them up at a partner location. I also offer private chef services and catering, too.

That’s amazing, especially for people on the go. Preparing whole, nutritious foods takes a lot of time. What about people with dietary restrictions?

Each meal is gluten and dairy free, and I can customize for any other dietary needs.

I thought my weekly meal shopping was complicated! What’s your method for grocery store organization?

I organize my list each week by section of the grocery store. No fancy apps, I write out my list which is developed from the weekly menu. The quantity is based on my total orders for the week, including specific dietary restrictions, eliminations, adjustments, etc., and serving size. I categorize my weekly grocery list in a handwritten document and I cross each item off by hand as I go through the stores.

Not a shopping list master like LC?  Here’s our top 3 favorite apps to make your grocery shopping your trips to the market even easier.

  1. Grocery Pal:  This app offers the perfect way to shop groceries on a budget. The top feature of the app is its ability to comb your grocery list and provide the best available deals at local supermarkets. Find it here.

  2. Out of Milk:  It integrates fun features that such as list sharing and editing with family members. You can also create a customized to-do list!  Find it here.

  3. Anylist:  You can tailor the shopping list into different categories, and plan your meals within the app to make shopping for those exact recipes super easy.  Find it here.

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