PM Routines to Crush your AM Workouts

You spilled blueberry smoothie on yourself in the car. You just realized you made it to the gym without your sneakers. And you’re barely on time to your favorite spin class, which means you get your least favorite spot in the room.

Not the best start to the day.

Sound familiar? We’re here to help give your morning an overhaul. The key to keeping a consistent AM workout routine is to plan everything out the night before so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

Here are a few of our favorite morning hacks:

  • When you’re making dinner the night before, use that time to prep for the morning.  Pack your dinner leftovers in a lunch box so it's just grab and go on the way out the door. Here’s one we love. Also, combine your dry smoothie ingredients together the night before, just add greens and fruit in the morning, and your pre-workout meal is ready with minimal fuss.
  • If the thought of pulling your gym gear together is way less appealing than staying in bed a few more minutes, pack your gym bag the night before. Have a dedicated workout bag with a second set of everything so you’re not constantly switching your make-up and hair products back and forth from the gym to your bathroom. Think of it like a travel bag. And don’t forget a separate bag for all those sweaty workout clothes. 
  • Every night set aside time to look over your calendar for the following day. What are your first few commitments? Do you need anything else throughout the day?  Doing this one simple step will keep your morning stress down and you’ll get a much better workout with a clear head.
  • Obviously looking cute at the gym is incentive to get there. Having an outfit you love and feel good in will get you up and at it.  
  • Find the balance between enough time to get ready and too much time (which makes the snooze button a little too appealing). Get up and out the door before you even know what hit you! 

We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let us know what you do to take the chaos out of mornings.


Photo Credit Nathan Dumlao