Tips to Clean Your Sweaty Gym Clothes

Here’s our advice on keeping your gym clothes as in-shape as you are:

The big debate – to wash your gear after every wear, or not.

Well, that depends on what type of fabric the clothes are and how much you sweat. If you’re the type that goes full beast mode in the gym, then washing every time is a good idea. Also, look at what your goods are made out of. A nylon or polyester fabric is much less prone to bacteria than other fabrics so you might be able to get a couple of wears out of those.

Either way, here’s a run-down of what to do once you get to the washing machine:
1.     Always hang your leggings to dry fully before putting them in the hamper.  I have a few M3 strips with hooks I keep right above mine to do this.  Then you don’t feel like you’re making a mess, but you can allow them to dry. 

2.     Turn your workout clothes inside out. This helps to keep colors true and reaches the bacteria on the inside.

Evercare MEsh Line

They come in all sizes and styles on the cheap and work amazing. Grab them here.

3.     Put delicate pieces, or ones that have mesh patches, into a mesh bag before adding them to the rest of the load. Evercare products pictured to the right is a great go-to.

4.     Always wash workout clothes in cold water and on the delicate cycle.

5.     Don’t use fabric softener; it’s not good for performance fabrics.

6.     Use the right detergent for you, and use the right amount.  A lot of people add extra detergent to their workout clothes to help get rid of the sweat stains and odor, which actually makes it worse. Your washing machine is built to only wash out a certain amount of detergent and what is left over in your clothes builds up and can even help grow mildew.

Our Two Faves:

The LAundress Sport Detergent

We LOVE this whole Laundress line.  However this one in particular is amazing.  Made specifically for workout gear, and really knows how to care for your pricey items.  Check out their entire line and grab the Sport Detergents here.

Hex Performance Detergent

For the really tough stuffTIt comes in a few different forms, all made for the types of fabrics we generally sweat in and heavy on the anti-stink formulas.  Grab it here for a killer 10 bucks.

7.     NEVER put your leggings in the dryer. It wreaks havoc on the size, color and elasticity. Get a portable drying rack instead.  Added bonus: if you can dry them in the sun, the UV rays add another barrier for killing bacteria.

Honey-Can Do Drying Rack

Love this one as it has optimal horizontal bars for those leggings, a flat area for the smaller (or delicate items) and even a place to air out those dirty sneakers (and give them a spray too). $29.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond