Tuesday Tip - Managing Your Hair Tools

Tired of untangling cords every time you reach for the blow dryer? Hit play for a few tips on calming the cord chaos and organizing your hair accessories.

Keep your tool clutter under wraps (literally!)


1. Never wrap around the actual tool, always wrap just the cord.  This keeps your tools working better for longer and the color coding can help you to grab the tool you want faster. You can use any cord holder, but click here to grab he colorful option I opt for in the video.

2.  Wherever you keep them, think easy access and functionality.  We find that open bins, deep drawers, over-the-door options work best.


Repurposed File Folders


Hanging Planters


Over-the-door Solutions

Lastly, don't forget to show those tools some love!  About once a month depending on the amount of product you use in your hair, wipe down your tools with a little rubbing alcohol.  We recommend plugging them in to warm then up, unplug and wipe them down.  Heat is the trick to not scratching your tools from product build up.