Spring (Cleaning) Fever!

Spring is in the air! It’s time for March Madness, spring break, turning your clocks forward, tulips and the Easter Bunny. But there’s one more very important seasonal ritual…

Spring Cleaning! 

Spring is the best time of year to wipe off the grime of winter and give everything in your house a little shine. Spring weather can be warm enough to open the windows, let the dust out and let the fresh air in. And we totally like the idea of getting the inside of the house all sparkly so we can have more fun outside when the temps heat up.

Here is how we gear up to get the most organization out of our Spring Cleaning:

  1. Make a realistic plan and schedule. Before you begin, walk the entire house and decide what your priorities are. Maybe this year you declutter and donate from all the kids’ rooms, and decide yours will be done next year. Keep a doc or excel sheet tracking what your goals are for the year, and note what actually got done when you finish. This way you’ll make sure that each year you’re making the rounds—from deep cleaning the garage to decluttering the paint cans to dusting the baseboards. A sheet will also keep you accountable (*and* more productive!). This is also a great time to note if you need any maintenance work, or new appliances, or have old furniture in the basement you want to donate.  
  2. Stock up on supplies. Once you’ve set your plan of attack, make sure you have all the supplies you need. You’re busy! So spring cleaning time needs to be efficient and productive. Make sure you have enough cleaning products, that your mop is in good form, you have enough trash bags, etc. If one of your goals is to eliminate one-third of your books in the office, get a few boxes to have on hand. On-line ordering is your BFF to save you time.
  3. Get everyone on board. Involve your kids, your spouse, your partner or your roommate in the process. Not only will this keep you accountable, but it’s also a great time to evaluate household practices that might need changing. 
  4. Make appointments with yourself and your family to knock out a few hours at a time. Don’t over-stress. Rome wasn’t built in a day, Mrs. Spic and Span. Make a plan, tackle in small increments, and stay on track.  
  5. FINALLY, treat yo-self!  Pick a few rewards for your efforts. Say you have a goal of cleaning out the linen closet because you have complied 10 different half sheet sets. Maybe you treat yourself to a really nice set for when guests come. Or, if you organize and sort your pantry, head to one of your favorite restaurants for dinner. Spring cleaning is a time for a total life regroup, so make it fun and make it count!

    You’re ready to go. I can see that shiny, sparkly house from outer space already!