Take Me Away! Pack and Travel Synced Spaces Style

Whether you’re going on a girls’ trip, a wedding, spring break or traveling for business, smart packing is essential.

The first secret of packing success (this won’t surprise our regular readers) is you have to make a plan and apps make it so much easier. Our favorite packing apps are PackPoint, Trip List and Packing Pro. In addition to organizing your list, PackPoint also tells you the weather at your destination, so if it’s raining on day 2 of your meeting, you’ll have a raincoat and umbrella on-hand.  How many times have you been on a beach trip and forgot to bring a scarf for ocean breezes? Not with Trip List, which has a feature that allows you to save a list and reuse it again and again for similar trips.  A top-rated Apple Ap, Packing Pro has tons of customizable features and allows you to create and share lists for your whole family.

Now, onto the actual suitcase. Quality luggage is a great investment and usually comes with solid warranties. Plus it will last longer. How many times have the wheels fallen off your cheaper suitcase?

How you fold and organize clothes in the suitcase is the most important factor in how much you can take with you and keeping organized throughout your trip. Here are our favorite bag organizers:



Eagle Creek organizing packers give you more space and make packing much easier. Buy the starter set here.



If you are looking for a less expensive option, this set is also amazing (not to mention SUPER cute) and they even come with laundry bags which I LOVE!  You can get these online at AllTheCuteThings.

Don’t forget to pack a smaller bag for dirty laundry (we prefer two - one for lights, one for darks). This will keep you from digging through the dirty clothes in your bag to find what you want, and will make unpacking much easier.