How to stay organized in a rental property world

Airbnb has changed the way we travel. So long dreary hotels and hello home-away-from-home! Renting a home or apartment has become super popular because it’s more comfortable, as long as your guests can easily find everything they need.

If you are renting your house out, here are a few tips to get organized, save time in between renters, and make your guests feel right at home.


  • Always have full sheet sets in the linen closet. Fold and place the top and bottom sheet in the matching pillowcase. Keep a different stack for each bed size and label the shelves accordingly. (Hey, this is a good idea whether you are renting your house out or not, so hop to it!)

  • The same goes for towels. Fold them all into stacks and label the shelves so people don’t have to rummage through the towels looking for the washcloths.

  • Don’t have a big linen closet? No problem. Fold your sheets and towels according to your shelf area to optimize the space (fold wide, long or even roll them up). You can even use a file sorter (yes, from your office) to roll and stack hand towels. Oversized totes with labels are a functional and cute way to do this.


  • Make sure to have all the kitchen necessities for your guests! There’s nothing worse than getting to your place and realizing you only have silverware, a few plates and one bowl.
  • Have full sets of everything and label it all. It may sound like overkill, but better than having your guests look through every single cabinet looking for a fork. They may also be more likely to put away the clean dishes if they know where everything goes.

The Info Book

Leave a binder with all passwords and any other information guests might need, like:

  • Contact information for yourself or the property management group

  • All codes and combos for anything they will need to access

  • Information for garbage and recycling

  • Location of important necessities (If the lights go out where’s the breaker? Or, the lights in the pool aren’t turning on where’s the timer located? Where’s the remote to the fireplace?)

  • List of local resources they may need during their stay

    • Pharmacies

    • Grocery stores

    • Restaurants

  • Check-out procedures (run the dishwasher, strip beds, place all towels in one pile on the floor, etc.)

These tips will keep you and your happy travelers organized, efficient and earning some 5-star Airbnb ratings.