How to keep your household on track while you play this summer

What’s the one thing standing between you and the pool right now? 


Even though we’re feelin’ all the summer feels, there’s still work on the home-front that needs to get done. Maybe even more this time of year because outside-the-house chores are added to the list. Summer makes us want to play like a kid, but we still have to adult now and then.

If you want to get things done around the house so you can float on the inflatable pink flamingo, use these time-saving tips to keep your house running smoothly.

Reassess kids’ chore list. Since they’re out of school, list all of the summer chores that need to get done and divide them up. Bonus, the kiddos can work for an allowance and save up for back-to-school shopping.

Reassess YOUR schedule. It can be hard to keep all of your regular schedule, then layer summer activities and household chores on top. All work and no play means less time enjoying the outdoors and friends and family. Make some trade-offs, and possibly put some of your activities on hold for now and pick them back up in the fall.

Rearrange weekly tasks to fit this time of year. If you usually make your grocery list and shop on Sundays, but plan to travel most weekends, switch it up on your calendar. Find another day for list making, grocery runs and other errands so you can enjoy your weekends.

Move summer items to easy access points in your house to make it easier to find what you need and eliminate messes from digging around. Pull out your hose from behind the snow shovel and hang it for easy access. Trade out your closets to make your sandals and sundresses more accessible (and while you’re at it, purge and donate any clothes you haven’t worn or that no longer fit). Stock a pool bag or hiking backpack for easy grab and go on your way out the door.

Take a quick look at your monthly projected budgets, and adjust for any summer needs due to travel, time off, or higher water bills and utilities. No financial surprises means more funds available for saving, or for that new bike.

Finally, get ready for some summer heat. No, not you in a bikini. I’m talking 90 degree temperatures. Give the air conditioner a check-up, check the gutters in advance of summer thunderstorms, and clean your fans.