Optimize your carry on for summer getaways.

Hey, hey, hey, summer is on the way. Whether you're traveling for a couple of weeks or a long weekend, follow these pro packing tips to keep your carry on bag and jewelry organized so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Carry On, Carry On:

Here are a couple of tips for optimal carry on packing:

First, a travel wallet like the one below is a great way to keep your tickets, itinerary, passport etc. all in one place. Also, go through your wallet before you leave and remove anything you aren’t going to need on the trip. This will keep your wallet and bag lighter, and you won’t lose every single credit card you have if something unfortunate happens.




These adorable travel wallets by TheRubyCottage start at just 19.50 and are completely customizable inside and out. Buy them here.




If you have a bigger carry on, I love this organizer by MochiThings. You can easily pull out items on the plane without rummaging through your entire bag. The best part is you can always remove it once you arrive at your destination to make more space in the bag for sightseeing, pool lounging necessities, or shopping. They come in a bunch of fun colors and are just $37.99.


Keep your baubles organized

First, get a zip pouch like this awesome one from The Container Store, they have a few different sizes to choose from. Then individually pack your jewelry in either a layer of cling wrap, or in pill cases you can get for cheap at the drug store. No more lost earrings, and no more tangled necklaces! Drop these in the zip pouch and you’re ready to go.



Lay out a piece of cling wrap sticky part up. Place all necklaces and bracelets on half of the piece of wrap and then fold it over and secure it. 


A selection of different pill cases can be used to store earrings and rings. You can find these almost anywhere, and reuse them for pills or other small items in your house after your trip. 


Now, let’s get packing!