Tuesday Tip - Quickly Manage Your Snail Mail Clutter

Follow these simple steps to for a total mailbox makeover.

1.  Stop getting mail you don't want.  The Data & Marketing Association allows you to control the mailings you or any party in your household receives by clicking here and filling out their online form.

2.  Sick of filing through credit card offers? OptOutPrescreen.com is the Consumer Credit Report Industry website where you can opt-out of mailed offers for credit or insurance, while still keeping the mailers you want to.  Fill out the form here or call 1-888-OPT-OUT to do it over the phone.

3. Get out of catalog chaos with Catalog Choice:  This awesome non-profit service, which is focused on preserving Natural Resources, allows you to pick and choose which catalogs and mailers you wish to no longer receive.  Visit their site and specify your preferences.

4.   Eliminate bill and account mailings by going paperless or unsubscribing.  

Place two baskets near your mail sorting center. Label one Accounts and the other Mailers.

-       The Account Basket is for bills or communications from any accounts you hold.  Each day when sorting your mail, open and make a copy of that bill.  Take the original bill and sort it as you normally would in your mail filing system to make sure it gets paid & filed.  Then, take the copy and place it in your Account basket.  At the end of the month go through this folder, calling or visiting your online account to request paperless communication and statements from each individual institution.  

-       The Mailer Basket is for any mailers that you have requested at some point in time, but no longer want to receive via mail.  This is everything from Ikea catalogs to coupons books.  Again, at the end of the month go through and either call or request to stop receiving them.  You should be able to find contact information on the mailed piece.