Become a Master at Organizing Your Spices

One of the top organizing needs in the kitchen is … [drumroll, please] … the spice rack! Any place where things are frequently taken out and put back is a recipe for disorganization. And we don’t like disorganization!

We love to get spices from all over, they really are the heart of cooking. But they can get out of control. Trust us, you need a system.

Before determining the best system for you, think about the spices you have and how you use them. Ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a lot of spices?  
  2. Do I use most of them on a daily basis?
  3. What’s the easiest process for me to put spices back in the right place? (more on this in a minute)
  4. Do I have a place that works as designated spice storage?

Now, here’s a framework for organizing your spice rack that works for you ~

Location, location, location
Spices should be stored in a central location in your kitchen, close to where you would use them while cooking. Make sure that you keep them separate from other items. People tend to also make the spice cabinet the storage spot for medicine, oils, etc. It’s okay, but get separate baskets or shelves specifically dedicated for spices so they’re easier to find (and keep the spice odors out of everything else).

Simple storage solutions

YouCopia Spice Inserts

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  • Handled baskets are great for people who use a lot of spices while they cook. You can store spices alphabetically by tray, or just keep them all in there and label the top of the jar.
  • A lazy Susan is good for cramped spaces and for people people who need to visually see what they’re grabbing as they’re cooking.
  • Drawer Inserts, this is easily becoming our favorite.  We love these rubber drawer inserts to the left which allow you to see them all easily and grab and replace with ease.  Get them here. 
  • Racks on the back of a cabinet door, drilled in like this, are a huge space saver. You can get super cheap and easy to hang racks at:  Which are super lightweight and easy to hang.
  • An old fashioned spice shelf is functional as long as you keep it in order : ) These are sold everywhere. We recommend an expanding one.  

Always looking for the oregano? Time to up your labeling game.

  • Always date the bottom of the spice jar. Spices should be thrown out every two years (yes, it’s true, they lose their potency), so each time you get a new one, use a sharpie to put the date on the bottom.
  • Label the top of the jar, too, so you can easily find what you need.
  • If you have a lot of jars that are interchangeable, use dry erase labels. Here are some super cheap options from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

Back to the best storage system for you ~ What’s your spice personality type?

  • Sing it with me. “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…” For some people, alphabetically works best.
  • Other people are more visual. If this is you, arrange your spices by bottle size with the label out.
  • For other cooks, grouping your spices by purpose makes the most sense (baking spices, steak, poultry, veggie seasoning, etc.). 

    Now get those spice racks in order and send us some pics!