"Jenna helped me organize my kitchen after a complete remodel and it was FANTASTIC! Jenna synced all of my spaces and helped me to think about where everything should go to optimize the kitchen. She added so many organizational solutions and did all the shopping for me which was so wonderful. Thank you, Jenna!"

- Jennifer G., Centennial, CO.

"Jenna's really takes the time to understand your needs.  She actually cared and took the time to get to know you and listen and because of that she was able to change the flow of my apartment to make it really work for me.  She has a great eye for where things should go - she moved everything around in my  apartment to places I had never even thought of putting them, but it works amazing and I have been able to keep it that way!  100% would recommend."

- Jennifer Kathleen, Denver, CO.

"Jenna was extremely accommodating to me and my family.  We have three young kids and needed a lot of work in our kids bedrooms and basement play rooms.  We live in the mountains so we were a little concerned at first to hire someone from Denver - but it was really the best experience.  She also has a keen eye for design, she made our boys room so creative and fun, but totally functional.  

She also helped us relay to our kids how they can maintain some kind of order to their rooms which was huge for us.  We are definitely going to have her come back for some coaching sessions. A+ job!"

- Ryan A., Denver, CO.

"Aside from her extremely professional demeanor and super sweet personality, Jenna had a real gift for looking at a space and instinctively coming up with multiple options to improve both flow and accessibility. She's done multiple rooms in my house including my kitchen which was the space that needed the most help as it is very small. She rearranged and organized each drawer to better accommodate all the stuff we've acquired over the years and even gave my teenage kids a play by play as to where everything now goes. Two months later and my kids are still putting dishes back where the belong in the places Jenna designated for them. Couldn't be more pleased:)" 

- Jasmine Anderson, Denver, CO.

Jenna is amazing! She organized the back room at my business which is no easy task. Our back room serves as storage, an office and a kitchen for 12+ people. Jenna made organizing easy. Her energy, talent, and insight was incredible. No task was too daunting for her and you can tell she loves what she does. She found a home for everything and labeled things clearly so my whole staff now has no problem keeping the room tidy. I would use her for every room in my house!! 

- Melissa Levy, Denver, CO.

"I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Jenna and Synced. While I had a unique scenario (I essentially needed an entire apartment revamp - every room, closet, drawer, etc...) I now know Jenna can tackle any project, big or small.

While her speed, thoroughness and attention to detail were what made the (drastic and beautiful!) visible difference in my living space, it was Jenna's unique philosophy and approach that really made my experience stand out. It's obvious that she caters each project to the specific needs of each client and she focuses on making spaces organized in a way that promotes an overall better flow for your day and life. I genuinely appreciate everything Jenna did in my apartment and would recommend her a million times over!"

- Molly Grierson, Denver, CO.