Home. The place you spend a majority of your time should be your happy place.  We want to synchronize the order of your home with how you live, making it possible for you to maintain our reorganization.  We do everything from bathrooms and closets to basements and garages.  No project is too big or too small, we do whole houses or just one closet at a time!  

Office.  Does your office need a cosmetic makeover?  Does your work flow need a productivity overhaul?  Whatever the task is, we'll get you on the right track. We will come into your office space and implement various systems, un-clutter working spaces and increase productivity. You have enough to worry about from 9 -5, let us help get it all done, faster and with a better attitude!


In Person Organizing Options:




1.  Organizational Happiness a la carte:

A perfect option for clients who have a project or two looming that seems daunting and just need some help, direction and motivation. This works best when clients have a specific timeframe or cost in mind, and our organizers will be there to accomplish what they can in that specific time or budget.

Services available in packages of 3, 6 or 12 hours.


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2.  Complete Organizational Happiness: 

For clients who have one or more spaces that need attention and want to rework the spaces from the ground up. We implement new systems and refresh current spaces. This is not the one-time organization type task, but the opportunity to help clients get on a new track with how they live their lives and prepare them for continued success.  

Services available in packages of 3, 6 or 12 hours.

Coaching Services

Virtual Online Coaching:

Don’t live in Denver, or just too busy for in-person meetings? We can still help you Sync your Space! There are many different packages within the virtual coaching realm depending on your needs and wants. We can create a long-term plan with only weekly meetings, or a weeklong plan to tackle a large issue area. Since this service is online, it’s really flexible and curated to you. Due to the nature of virtual coaching, we offer a free 30-minute online consultation (phone or skype) to discuss your needs, schedule and expectations. Following the consultation, the organizer will send out an action plan and schedule for you to review and make sure it fits your needs.  

Ongoing Organizational Coaching:  

For clients who want to keep on track, learn how to fix behaviors, and teach themselves to take steps to keep the weight of clutter and disorder away. These sessions are a check-in and discussion of what’s working and what isn’t, and how we can continue to sharpen your processes. This service is helpful for keeping the space at its best, as we also will spruce up the areas during each visit.  These sessions are generally booked weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.