A staple of our business is the idea of focusing on oneself and energy.  People think of organizing or decluttering as an act of moving material things.  When in fact the real work is done within each person and how they operate.  Synced Spaces strives to get to the root of your struggle, find out how you would best be able to overcome those challenges, and then help set you up in a way that you will find success in your space now and as you move forward.  

Organizational happiness

the feeling of joy, simplicity and lightness as a direct result of the synchronization of our minds, body, material belongings and surrounding physical space creating a euphoric filled level of positivity, productivity and human interaction.

At Synced Spaces we approach each project with the goal of creating what we call "Organizational Happiness".  We firmly believe that finding harmony in the way you live your life and the way your spaces are arranged, will bring you unparalleled life enjoyment and happiness. By taking the time to really get to know our clients, learn how they operate and what their needs are, we are able to help you live the life you want to.  By the process of decluttering, putting systems in place, and setting up your physical space to match your mental space we can free you from your daily stress.  Together, we can create spaces you love that coincide with how you live your life, making your day to day tasks easier and more manageable.  Reach out to us today, we can't wait to help you create a happier more harmonious life.  A life that is synced to you.

Meet Jenna, Owner of Synced Spaces and head organizer. Learn more here.